Harbour Formalities

Tarquinio Giribaldi welcome all newcomers to Imperia ports: Imperia New Marina and Imperia Oneglia Port are superyachts marinas with berths for yachts up to 120 meters. All berths are fully serviced with water and shore power (150-250A, 380V, 50Hz). Please find below some useful information for your arrival in Imperia, once your application has been officially accepted.

Papers to e-mail in advance:

  • Certificate of Registry
  • Insurance
  • Crew list
  • Pre-Arrival Garbage Form
  • ISPS pre arrival form (only yachts over 500 GRT)

Compulsory formalities at your arrival:

  • Coast Guard formalities within 24 hours after the arrival
  • Immigration clearance, consisting in reporting to the Police Station with a crew list, passenger list and the passports of all crew members/passengers. Please note that any further crew /passenger change (embark and disembark) must be communicated to the Police Immigration Office, showing the original passport (contact your agent with no less than a 24 hours notice)
  • Custom formalities

Before leaving:
Please notify Tarquinio Giribaldi office 24 hours before your departure
Payments must be settled before the departure
With a 24 hours notice comply with the Coast Guard formalities for departure providing an updated departure crew and passengers list for the Immigration office through us.
When ready to leave, please contact Port office before dropping off the mooring lines.

In the event you are not already represented by a local yacht agent (as required by the Italian Law for commercial yachts) Tarquinio Giribaldi will be glad to assist you with the compulsory procedures.

Tarquinio Giribaldi can also provide the following services:

  • Provisioning (food, drinks, flowers etc.)
  • Car rental, taxi booking and luxury car service
  • Helicopter and private planes booking
  • Booking of hotels, restaurants and flight tickets
  • Coordination of repairs and supply of spare parts
  • Duty free supplies
  • National and international forwarding service
  • Fuelling
  • Mobile phones and computers
  • Medical assistance 24h/24h
  • Insurance assistance>
  • Booking of berths and tourist itineraries
  • Guided tours