Helicopter & private jet

TG offers you also the best jet and helicopter flights service. All you have to do is inform us of the precise time and place of your meeting and we’ll see to it that a helicopter flown by experienced pilots will pick you up from your yacht, home, chalet or any other location that you choose (safety and the operational capabilities of the helicopter permitting). Since helicopters don’t need an airport to take off, you would not have to go through the security check, nor will you have to wait at the ticket counter. In fact, you would not have to wait at all since the helicopter will pick you up at your convenience. Leave your yacht and approach the helicopter where you’ll be welcome by a smiling crew, who will help you get inside and help you get strapped. As for the jet we offer you unlimited routes and destinations, which all depend on one thing: your true needs. All we need from you are details on-when, how many people, from where and where to. Leave the rest to us. All the arrangements, the preparation and coordination will be carried out by our professional team. All you have to do is get to the airport, board the private plane that you rented and enjoy your flight.