Laundry & dry cleaning

We can trust to the collaboration of higly competent and qualified launderers and drycleaners who allow our clients to get scrupulously and accurately controlled results as regards the washing and the ironing of their laundry. We know that disposing of elegant, fresh and cleaned laundry means that clients will enjoy in the most comfortable way a pleasant sleep or a tasting meal on the deck of their luxury yacht. Our agency is also able to supply an accurate table linen’s rental service, a complete range of high quality cookwares, knives, tableware and any catering accessorial items in order to satisfy every client’s necessity. As our experienced team knows at 360 degrees your exigencies we perfectly understand that during a party on board you can easily run out of ice and as its production time could take too long we are professionally equipped to supply you with ice cubes or scales depending on your preference. This is just another example to show how detailed and customized is the service we offer to you.