Shipping - Customs - Courier service

Tarquinio Giribaldi also represents an important point of reference as regards our customers’mail, national and international shipments. In fact during their entire stay in the Mediterranean our clients can always use our contact details as their accommodation address. Consequently, when we receive mail and/or parcels addressed to crew members we always find the best solution to put them together with an order placed before so they can get their own things in the quickest way as possible anywhere the vessel is. Paying for the customs clearance expenses (if necessary) the consignee can be sure to receive, without any obstacle his package and he also has the opportunity to track it avoiding possible inconvenient that sometimes can arise in the international transport. In case the addressee cannot temporarily provide a permanent address where to deliver his consignment, Tarquinio Giribaldi holds it inside the warehouse (big parcels) or offices (envelops). In addition a lot of customers have a reserved storeroom at their disposal at our facilities in order to keep their stuff in hold in the safest way.